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  1. Hi Emily – cycle mechanic here, with a few Surlys, close to Abergavenny – if you need any help/tea get in touch – the very best of luck on your adventures – R

    1. Hi Rob – Abergavenny’s pretty much exactly on my route to Newport, and it would be lovely to drop in for tea or last-minute repairs if you’re around. In fact, let me email you…

  2. Emily it’s so wonderful reading what you’re up to! I must go to Munich so I can give the river surfing a go; it looked so much fun. When you get a chance you really must give surfing a go; I’m sure you’ll be a natural.
    Hope all going better than well.
    Much love xxMegan

  3. Do you think fame will change you?
    Is this journey fake, like the moon landings?
    Can you not afford a car?
    Do you miss Noel Edmonds?
    Do you still want back that £20 you lent me?

  4. I’ve enjoyed reading you for a while now! Your blog is on a list of women’s bike blogs I’ve been compiling for some time now at I also feed it to the Twitter account @womenbikeblogs and to

    If you ever set up a Twitter account let me know, as I’ll add that to the Twitter feed of your posts so people can find you to follow.

    I hope the list helps bring you some readers along the way. Happy biking and blogging!


  5. Dear Mrs. Chappell,

    I am a journalist from germany, writing for one of the biggest german daily newspapers, the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” ( I would like to write a story about the cycle couriers in london, and, doing some research for that, I just found your book and ordered it allready. It would be awesome if you would have time for an interview after I have read the book. Do you think that is possible?

    All the best,

    Sebastian Eder

  6. Hey Emily,

    I wanted to get in contact as last year I completed an eighteen month bike ride from London to Japan and then used this experience to design and create an eco-friendly, illustrated Cycling Travel Journal with another female cyclist and artist friend of mine.

    It was successfully kickstarted in November and now I have been selling them all over the world. It is much more than just a travel journal, it is also a sketch book, space to store your mementos and a place to plan the details of your trip – Turning your dreams into reality. It is designed and organised to help you quickly, and creatively capture your own adventures allowing you to tell your own story. In addition to the simple, yet functional layout, the journal is bursting with beautiful illustrations inspired by my trip; And when purchasing the journal you need not worry about compromising on your principles, as the journal has been sustainably and ethically produced – phew!

    If it was something you might be interested in I would be happy to send you a copy of the journal, and if you want to know more info, the links are below. We made a little video on our kickstarter page and my blog page is where you can currently buy the journals.

    Best wishes and looking forward to hearing back from you.


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