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We interrupt our irregular blogging

We interrupt our irregular blogging Posted on January 31, 20155 Comments

to bring you this important announcement.

To make up for being distant, out-of-touch, bad at updating my blog and worse at keeping up with my inbox (and because I was invited), I’ll be doing a series of talks around the UK on my return, hosted by Ellis Brigham and sponsored by Osprey.

If you want to hear about this winter’s adventures while the frostbite’s still healing, the cities and dates are as follows:

Tuesday 14th April – London

Wednesday 15th April – Bristol

Thursday 16th April – Manchester

Wednesday 22nd April – Cambridge

To find out times and addresses, and to buy tickets, head over to the Ellis Brigham website, by clicking here.

And then, over the May Bank Holiday weekend (1st-3rd May), I’ll be speaking at the inaugural Cycle Touring Festival in Lancashire, organized by the inestimable Laura Moss, and featuring celebrities like Tom Allen, Helen Lloyd and Stephen Lord.

If you’re completely new to cycle touring, but vaguely thinking that you might like to cycle round the world sometime, this is the perfect event for you – a chance to cycle  and camp among people who’ve been doing it for years, to watch and learn, to make all your mistakes in a place where they can be easily fixed and corrected, to ask all your stupid questions – and to be reassured that you’re not stupid really, that we were all new to this once, and some of us not all that long ago, and that no matter how fearful you are about what lies ahead, it will all be fine.

And if you’ve been doing this sort of thing for years, this is also the perfect event for you – you’ll get to hang out with like-minded souls, swap stories, make connections, and meet people in person whose blogs you’ve been reading for years. I confidently predict that at least one pair or group of people will end up planning a big bike trip together after this, and wouldn’t be at all surprised if one or two people meet their future spouse.

I’ll be seeing there, I take it?


  1. Hey, don’t forget about us in mid-Wales, Emily! Are we first? (Warm-up before Manchester and all those other places? 🙂 Try and make it before the end of April, if you can . . . Good luck for the rest of your trip.

  2. Hello Emily,
    I came across your page as I googled “Older women cycling Blogs” came to the Wow pages and scrolled down ,absolutely amazed at all you amazing solo cyclist. Well I kept strolling down until I got to yours – from London, the city I love cycling in. So have just read your story about being taken in to the wonderful log cabin . Scrolled down some more, found you are talking in Covent Garden, so have booked some tickets!! I will enjoy back reading your entries. With best wishes from a sedentary cyclist. Katy

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