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One woman, one bike, and…

One woman, one bike, and… Posted on January 11, 20112 Comments

Anne Mustoe: “One Woman, Two Wheels, and the World.”

Tom Kevill-Davies: “One man. One bike. One huge appetite and 15,000 miles to ride…”

Tuk To The Road: “Two girls, three wheels, 12,000 miles”

Rosie Swale Pope: “5 years, 3 packs of wolves and 52 pairs of shoes”

Alastair Humphreys: “60 countries. 5 continents. 4 years. 46,000 miles”

Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman: “Two men, two bikes, 20,000 miles”

If I survive this trip, and write a book, I can tell you what I won’t be subtitling it!


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