Route & Whereabouts

I’ll be using a YB tracker on this trip, and all being well (I’m talking about technological prowess rather than my survival skills), it should update my position hourly on this map. So you’ll probably know when I get lost sooner than I do myself.

(It takes a while to load – be patient.)

15th February – in case any of you tracker addicts are worried by the sudden leap forward, I was given a lift 30km down the road by a kind couple who offered me a bed for the night, and will be dropped off back where they found me tomorrow morning.


The following are Dad’s daily updates from my last trip.

Thursday 10th January 2013: Emily landed at Heathrow Airport this afternoon and she’ll be in the UK for a month or so.  She’ll be in Mid Wales from 16th – 27th January.  Welcome home Em …. we’ve missed you !

Saturday 29th December: Emily is currently in Tokyo, but will now be dropping back home for a while, arriving on Thursday 10th January ….. wow, that’s great news !

Tuesday 18th December: After camping on a baseball pitch last night, Emily arrived back in Tokyo today, tired after a long day in the saddle.  She’ll be staying there for some time ….. so no more updates, until she moves on.  Merry Christmas everyone !

Older updates available here.

Estimated distance to-date: 12,464 miles, 20,103 kilometres

JAPAN: December 2012 

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JAPAN: October/November 2012  

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SOUTH KOREA: October 2012 

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CHINA: September 2012

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CHINA: June/July 2012

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PAKISTAN – March/June 2012

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IRAN – January/February 2012

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TURKEY – December to January 2012

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HOLLAND, GERMANY – September 2011

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Notes from the Routemaster:

GoogleMaps seems to only alow a limited number of destinations – each night is currently set as a destination (apart from western China where overnight stops in the Taklamakan Desert where not possible to pinpoint).  The way around this currently is to show monthly maps.

The actual route that Emily took will be slightly different on some of the days.  The route shown is created using the Google maps options of avoid-highways and avoid-tolls.  There seems to be glitches in routing through some countries: Croatia into Bosnia and back is slightly incorrect; crossing the border from Turkey to Iran had to be split over two maps; Hamadan to Malayer in Iran should be more north-to-south than shown.  The route shown in South Korea is roughly accuarate, but not exact, Google Maps seemed to work very differently.

Although the route shows as continuous,  Emily was forced to use other transport between Zahedan in Iran (just before) and Quetta in Pakistan (and maybe a stretch after).  She also took the decision to take the bus on the KKH from Mansehra to Gilgit in northern Pakistan because of the security situation at the time.  This latter route was being taken after a failed attempt to take a short cut through the Kaghan valley, over the Babusar Pass to Chilas – it was too early in the year and the road was severely blocked by landslide and snow.  Points shown in northern Pakistan are not overnight stops, just points that have enabled GoogleMaps to plot the route.  Overnight stops are available elsewhere.


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