Frequently Asked Questions

How many countries have you been through?

So far, twenty-one. (Wales, England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, China, South Korea, Japan.)

Isn’t it dangerous?

Not really. At least, not significantly more dangerous than your life or anyone else’s. Certainly not more dangerous than being a bike messenger in Central London, which is what I did before.

Do you get scared?

Sometimes, but not often. And usually of things like weather and failure, rather than people.

Are you alone?

Yes. Unless I happen to coincide with another cyclist who’s going the same way, but that rarely happens for longer than a few days.

What do you do if you get a puncture?

I fix it. It’s really not difficult.

What do your parents think?

I was a bit worried they’d react badly, but they’re both delighted. My mother because I’ve supplied her with enough gossip to last a lifetime, and my father because he gets to geek out over my mileages, route, whereabouts, daily average speed, etc.

How are you paying for this?

I worked very hard in several jobs for the two years before I left, and was also lucky enough to get an insurance payout for a minor road traffic accident a few years ago. Contrary to what some people have suspected, I am not funded by my parents, or the UK government.

Are you going to write a book about it?

Yes. No. Maybe. Isn’t this blog enough? It’s already longer than a book.


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