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By the way…

By the way… Posted on January 5, 201612 Comments

I’ve written a book.


I thought you might like to know.

And if you want to buy it, it’s available from all good bookshops (and probably a few bad bookshops too, if such a thing exists). I strongly urge you to support your local independent bookshop, but if you’re short of cash, the Guardian Bookshop are currently offering a 30% discount. You can also find it on Amazon, and via the Faber online shop.

I’ll be making a few media appearances to celebrate/promote/flog this new creation. (I’ll update the list as more get added.)

And I’ll be all over the UK for the next few months, talking about my adventures, and signing copies of What Goes Around. Check out my Speaking page for more details. And if I’m not yet coming to your town, but you’d like me to, please get in touch!


  1. Loving your style of writing on your site, looking forward to reading the book. If you’re looking for a venue in Brighton, you might want to contact City Books who put on events with authors at locations around the town.

    Made my own attempt at a journey, San Francisco to Miami last October. Unfortunately the journey was cut short by a pick up truck, just short of the Utah / Colorado border. Those days crossing the Nevada desert are going to last in my memory a long time.

    Hope things go well with the book, good luck with the next trip.

  2. Emily, I saw your interview on BBC last night and it was wonderful to see you speaking so passionately about your cycling adventures. I’ve ordered my copy of your book now and am very much looking forward to reading it! Congratulations xxx

  3. Ms Chappell – I pre-ordered your book on a certain nameless tax-avoiding internet retailer when I came across it by chance (“You might like this, because you read that“). It’s a great read, and your love of the job really comes through. It’s made me a little self-conscious about riding using a large messenger bag, though! Will there be a sequel, about your time off travelling the world…?

  4. Loved it! Great book. Made a five hour training journey fly by. A perfect antidote for anyone that may have lost their cycling mojo. I’ve already prescribed it to a friend. Thank you for your blog and now the book.

  5. Just finished your book; found it well-written, interesting and enjoyable. Some of the best descriptive passages about cycling I’ve come across – and I read lots of cycling literature.
    As a student I cycled around London for about 5 years on a cheap East German bike, until it was stolen. Thirty years later I’m still riding; commuting to work, cycling with a club at weekends and touring when I can manage to escape from domesticity for a few days. Despite our differences – I’m a (mainly) straight, white middle-aged man – your writing made me aware of the strong bonds of brotherhood (if that’s the appropriate word) that exist between cyclists.
    I’ll be recommending your book and keeping an eye out for the next. Good luck on your travels.

  6. Hi Emily! This is David who sent you advice on The Stans and Western China (Xining hostel!), and father of one of your friends. Just bought your book on Amazon Kindle after seeing your article in The Guardian and much mucking around to change my Amazon account from the USA to the UK. Really looking forward to reading it! All the best!

  7. Hi Emily,

    I’ve just got your book though the door, to add to my growing pile of books to read in my spare time – whilst not on the bike!

    I didnt realise you were a blogger or writer for that matter! We’ve cycled together several times, I’m one of the ride leaders at Cadence. So I couldn’t help but do a search for ‘cadence’ to see what you might or might not have written. The below link made me laugh a lot, and wince a little that so many lycra clad men are still completely closed to new people joining groups, and worse still not welcoming to newcomers. This was my first experience with the lycra boys from Dulwich Paragon, so I didnt join them.

    Not sure if the day you wrote about I was out, I think I was the broad shouldered one…but I do recall one of the first things I said to you was “didn’t you ride the [xxx] sportive on a fixie the other weekend?” – to which you said “yes”, I was like “hats off, that’s some going…” and ever since have had that in mind whenever I tackle some climb or other in kent / surrey.

    Anyway, I’ll leave you to your travels, and hope to see you back in cadence at some point. Your Blog is now on my favs task bar, so i’ll keep track of what you’re up to. Best of luck, and enjoy!

    From a very jealous south londoner,


  8. Having read the rant, now bought the book and looking forward to a fabulous read – had to get kindle version as can’t take books on the bike (already taking the knitting!).

  9. “I was embarking on a career as a bicycle courier in Soho. Sixty miles a day, fresh air, no responsibilities. Sometimes I think it was the best job I ever had.

    “It wasn’t, of course.”

    The reason it wasn’t is because that was 1984 and the new courier was Michael Bradley, who had previously been a rock star. Well, bassist with the Undertones, which is possibly the least rock-starry way of being a rock star there possibly could be! Apparently he still plays with the band, who reformed in 1999 (I’ve no idea on what basis) and works as a radio producer. So we can take it that being a bicycle courier was a better job than working on the radio.

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