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Happy New Year

Happy New Year Posted on January 2, 201510 Comments

I’m here, in case you were wondering, ‘here’ being Anchorage. And I start riding north tomorrow.

But I’m fed up of rehashing all the usual pre-trip highs and lows and nerves and fears. It will all get much more interesting once I’m on the road, and so my next post will just have to wait until then.


  1. This is amazing… simply amazing. My highest hopes are for you and your bike to have a safe journey. I can’t begin to imagine!

  2. Good luck, and Happy New Year, Emily! I’m wondering if you’re getting a good display of the Northern Lights up there tonight? There’s apparently a KP level 5-6 geomagnetic storm predicted in the next hour, so if you are away from lights, you could be having a great display!

    Stay safe . . . .


  3. Oh whoops – just realised it’s only 9am there, so even with short days, probably too light to see them. Still, I’m sure there will be plenty of other opportunities!

  4. Happy New year to you also. It is 9C here in San Diego and we feel like it is freezing cold, nothing like temperatures in Alaska, but cold enough that I took on long fingered gloves for my morning ride. I hope you have a great adventure in Alaska and as always I look forward to your inspiring blog posts about it. Very best wishes for the year ahead.

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