Monthly Archives: April 2013


I still haven’t stopped smiling. The two days of work I was promised this week turned into four, and when anyone asks me how it’s going, all I can do is grin. I can’t really explain why couriering makes me so happy, any more than I could tell you why I want to cycle round […]

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Back in my (dis)comfort zone

And yesterday I was a courier again, and it was just as wonderful as I had remembered. It felt like arriving home, coming full-circle, and reaching my journey’s end – though, of course, I am nowhere near the ‘real’ end of my journey, and there are still several continents to go before I can start […]

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There’s been a slight change of plan. I’m still in the UK, and an unexpected (but non-life-threatening) health issue needs to be resolved, meaning that I’m likely to remain here for at least the next four months. Needless to say, this was a difficult realization, but it has countless silver linings. My health will be […]

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