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Any other business Posted on October 2, 20123 Comments

Life’s looking pretty exciting these days. In about a week, I’ll be flying (ahem) back to Hong Kong, because the Royal Geographical Society want me to talk about cycling round the world (or at least across Asia). If you happen to be in Hong Kong at the time, do come and say hello, or drop me a line and we’ll have coffee.

(The talk will be happening on Thursday 11th October, at 7.30pm (drinks from 6.30pm), at the British Consulate General, 1 Supreme Court Road, Pacific Place, Admiralty. Pre-booking is recommended, via Click here for more details.)

And then I’ll be jetting back to Korea and getting on a boat for Japan, where I’ll be sharing the road to Tokyo with a couple of friends from London whom I haven’t seen for over a year.

These friends have very kindly agreed to bring me out various essentials from the UK (bike parts, biscuits), and the handsome mechanic (my brother) at Two Wheels Good (165 Stoke Newington Church Street, N16 0UL) has agreed to collect everything for them. So, much as happened last Christmas, there will be an Emily Box behind the counter until the 12th October. If you want to send me postcards, spare socks or custard creams, this is where to send them.

(The usual disclaimer applies, that my friends reserve the right to open, inspect and reject suspicious packages, and that anything very heavy or bulky might have to be left behind.)


  1. So exicting to read your blog. I hope we will see picture and a new post from your lecture by the royal society in Hong Kong.

    I looking forward for your arriving in Japan. You wanna be suprise. A crazy country, and the tokyio Metroplitan area is completey crowed. I ‘m courios to know, how to manage with your bike. The people are amazing helpful. two years ago, i have been there. I miss the country and the culture..enjoy!

    Take care.

  2. Fancy meeting up in Japan, 14? Don’t know if you heard but Pink has been bought out by Mach 1 (reuters). Andy has been saved, for now. Fingers crossed. 01 is back on the road and doing well. 06 is now a controller hoping to meet with his old mate 14 in Japan.

    Keep me in the loop with your plans. We’ll be there from 19th Oct until 2nd Nov in between Tokyo and Hiroshima.

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