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A road runs through it

When I say I had no meaningful encounters during my ten-day dash to get out of China, that’s not strictly true. It’s impossible to avoid meeting people in China, because whenever you stop the bike, a crowd will gather. Several times a day I’d pull up at a petrol station (beloved support system of long […]

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The last of China

I made it, of course. I always make it, one way or the other, no matter how frequently and sincerely I sometimes believe I won’t. And it ended up being more than 90 miles a day. According to The Routemaster, I averaged just over 101 miles per day for the first 10 days, and I […]

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One year in

And here I am. When I sat up in bed at 2am on September the 1st 2011, writing the last post I’d publish before setting off on my long-anticipated adventure, I didn’t give any thought at all to where I might be a year thence.  I think at that point I still assumed I’d be […]

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