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Introducing… Posted on December 17, 20112 Comments

People keep asking me if the bike has a name yet. And until the first day of the trip, it didn’t.

Since it was built by Oak Cycles, I wanted to give it some name that had something to do with oaks, trees, acorns…

And then it came to me – Annie! As in Annie Oakley. Perfect!


Do I really want my bike to be named after a woman most famous for firing guns?

But then I remembered – the very first woman to cycle round the world was also called Annie – Annie Londonderry.

So there we have it. Meet Annie. I’m sure we’ll be very happy together.


  1. Hi Emily,

    great inspiration, your site- and your trip.
    A regular read. Takegood care, a common colleague and friend from Berlin attempted the same thing last year and got killed by a truck in eastern turkey- so: ride safe.
    I wish u all the best,

    greetings from berlin.

    1. Oh – I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. Coincidentally, I just put up a post on safety/danger – and I’m sure there will be more.

      So, yes, I’m taking as much care as I can – I very much want to make it home in one piece!

      Thanks for getting in touch. 🙂

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