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And a postscript

And a postscript Posted on September 18, 20112 Comments

I’m trying not to make this all about food. Really I am. Partly because that’s already been done (by The Hungry Cyclist, whose idea I wished I’d had first the moment I heard of him). Partly because if I start going on about food, I’ll never stop.

But I can’t resist telling you about this.

When I studied German for GCSE, half my life ago, two of the characters in our textbook at one point went out to an ice cream parlour, and ordered spaghettieis.

“Miss, what’s spaghettieis?”

“Spaghetti-shaped ice cream.”

Spaghetti-shaped ice cream? I was intrigued. And I’ve remained intrigued ever since. Spaghetti-shaped ice cream? How would that work? How would it look? How would it taste?

The other day I found out. Look!

Not only is it shaped like spaghetti – it actually pretends to be spaghetti, with strawberry sauce for ragù and grated chocolate for parmesan. It’s sort of like food in drag. I also found out that you can get ice cream pretending to be things like lasagne and fried eggs. I’m liking Germany more and more.


  1. Wow, I have been to Germany loads of times and never heard of such a thing!
    I am looking forward to following your blog. I am a follower of Al H’s blog on which I heard of yours.

  2. Haha, there is actually a place in Leister Square that does this too. All that time exploring London, and you never found it?!

    I’m loving following your adventures! Though I’m playing catch up having just got back from HK and have been reading backwards. Oops. The surfers in the river sound like the coolest thing ever. You totally should have had a go!

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